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Featured Products

  • Boar Max
  • Perfect Pond Plus™ 12-48-8


Boar Max™ is a proprietary 6% Boron that has NexGen™ technology. Boar Max™ contains 6% boron, .0005% Cobalt and .0005% Molybdenum and is formulated for foliar or soil applications. Boar Max™ also contains a unique blend of humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acids, naturally occurring enzyme activators and plant hormones. These components allow the plant to take up boron faster and in larger amounts than conventional boron products.

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Perfect Pond Plus
Perfect Pond Plus™ 12-48-8 (with micronutrients) is a revolutionary tool for maintaining the perfect balance in your pond. This exclusive nutrient package (patent pending) develops a plankton bloom which increases the size and total pounds of bluegill, shell cracker, threadfin shad, and largemouth bass. Perfect Pond Plus™ is scientifically formulated to increase the production of planktonic algae which serves as the base of the fish food chain. Extensive field evaluations by Certified Fisheries Scientists have shown Perfect Pond Plus™ can increase your total fish production by up to 400%. It is easy to apply, water soluble, and will not clump. Perfect Pond Plus™ can be broadcast from the bank, pier or boat at the rate of 5 lbs. per acre. Apply evenly over the entire pond for a uniform plankton bloom. With the re-sealable bag any unused Perfect Pond Plus™ can be stored until time to fertilize again.

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